Ventosa Collection

Vase, bowls and pitcher

ABS Plastic
Computer Aided Design and Rapid Prototyping
Bowl 1: 14 cm(W) x 13.5 cm(D) x 7.5 cm(H); Bowl 2: 14 cm(H) x 15 cm(D) x 10 cm(H); Bowl 3: 14 cm(D) x 16 cm(W) x 13.5 cm(H); Bowl 4: 17 cm(W) x 18 cm(D) x 14 cm(H); Bowl 5: 22 cm(W) x 10 cm(D) x 15 cm(H); Pitcher: 17 cm(W) x 14 cm(D) x 29 cm(H); Vase: 14 cm(W) x 18 cm(D) x 29 cm(H)


Octopus’ suckers


Forms were developed with digital technology and then 3D printed in plastic. Its concave and convex shapes create movement on the surface, catching the viewer’s attention.
The collection has five bowls, a pitcher and a vase. Each object has a unique shape that harmonizes with the other pieces allowing elegant arrangements. The Ventosa Collection is after all pure visual delight.


Ventosa Collection was featured in the prestigious Icon and On Office Magazines