Flui Collection

Vases and candle holder

Walnut and maple
Vases: 9”(W) x 3-1/2”D) x 10-1/4”(H)
Candle holder: 21.1”(W) x 3-1/2”D) x 3”(H) 




Inspired by the fluid movement of raising smoke or of the branches of a tree, the Flui collection intends to create a symbolic relation between the container and the contained.

Each piece is made of solid layers of walnut and maple glued together. The organic contour is cut with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) to accentuate the visual reference to the movement. The object is then sanded, stamped and waxed by hand.

Individual or grouped pieces can be used as functional or decorative elements. The vases come with a Pyrex® glass inset that holds flowers or plants. The candle holder has two different sets of candle places, one on each side.

The collection combines the uniqueness of gestural free hand drawing with the precision of CNC technologies.